Hammering the horseshoe stallion smithy smithery smith show Shoe shod sharp royal household cavalry resistant repair pony photo outdoors occupation nail muscles metal manual man labor knife job iron horseshoe horse nail horse hooves hoof-care hoof hold hand hammer gray foot fitting fingers farrier farm equine equestrian beauty equestrian craft close-up clearence chaps care boot blacksmith barracks Art animal 54ka StockPhoto

Hammering the horseshoe

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Image Description

AUTHOR: Dimitar Hristov CATEGORY: Photography :: Equestrian FILE ID: 4679 LICENSE: Art print DELIVERY INFO: Free shipping worldwide
Hammering the horseshoe Photography Equestrian by Dimitar Hristov animal Art barracks blacksmith boot care chaps clearence close-up craft equestrian equestrian beauty equine farm farrier fingers fitting foot gray hammer hand hold hoof hoof-care hooves horse horse nail horseshoe iron job knife labor man manual metal muscles nail occupation outdoors photo pony repair resistant royal household cavalry sharp shod Shoe show smith smithery smithy stallion