Portrait Of A Brown Horse Close Up sport Riding purebred portrait pet outside outdoors outdoor observant nostrils nostril nose nature mouth mare mane mammal Male looks looking look horse head horse face horse head halter gazing gazes gaze friendly female farm face eye expression equine equestrian ears domestic closeup cavallo brown horse brown bridle black big beauty beautiful bay attentive animal 54ka StockPhoto

Portrait Of A Brown Horse Close Up

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Image Description

AUTHOR: Dimitar Hristov CATEGORY: Photography :: Equestrian FILE ID: 3989 LICENSE: Art print DELIVERY INFO: Free shipping worldwide
Portrait Of A Brown Horse Close Up Photography Equestrian by Dimitar Hristov animal attentive bay beautiful beauty big black bridle brown brown horse cavallo closeup domestic ears equestrian equine expression eye face farm female friendly gaze gazes gazing halter head horse horse face horse head look looking looks Male mammal mane mare mouth nature nose nostril nostrils observant outdoor outdoors outside pet portrait purebred Riding sport