The Black Stallion The Black Beast Powerful power playing photo nature muscles moving Motion monochromatic mane mammal light liberty jumping jump horses horse hoofed heavy ground gallop frisian freedom free forward force flight fight field fastest fast equine equestrian beauty equestrian emotions dust dark background dark color clouds chestnut blue black beauty beautiful beast Art arabian animals animal Activity active 54ka StockPhoto

The Black Stallion The Black Beast

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Image Description

AUTHOR: Dimitar Hristov CATEGORY: Photography :: Equestrian FILE ID: 4534 LICENSE: Art print DELIVERY INFO: Free shipping worldwide
The Black Stallion The Black Beast Photography Equestrian by Dimitar Hristov active Activity animal animals arabian Art beast beautiful beauty black blue chestnut clouds color dark dark background dust emotions equestrian equestrian beauty equine fast fastest field fight flight force forward free freedom frisian gallop ground heavy hoofed horse horses jump jumping liberty light mammal mane monochromatic Motion moving muscles nature photo playing power Powerful